Coaching and consulting services for you and your business.

Executive Coaching

We assist executives with positive leadership development to enhance their skills and abilities to succeed. Our coaching process includes assessment, exploration and goal setting, direct feedback, sharing of insights, personal learning, and skills development. 

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Hogan Assessments

Hogan Assessments provide data-based personality insights to maximize personal and organizational success by cultivating strategic self-awareness so employees, leaders, and your business will reach their highest potential.

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Leadership Development

TCG works with current and aspiring leaders to prepare them to perform effectively in their leadership roles. Our development process includes assessments and one-on-one or group coaching.

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Group Facilitation

Our business knowledge and background make us the perfect facilitator for agendas benefiting from a neutral leader.

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Strategic Planning

Define the vision for the future of your organization and identify the organization’s goals and objectives.

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Succession Planning

We work with you to identify critical positions within your organization and develop action plans for others to assume those positions. 

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Business Consulting

We learn about your company and recommend ways to maximize strategy, increase profits, add value, and resolve organizational issues.

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Start-Up Consulting

We assist with the core setup of your new business and provide guidance and recommendations to help make your new venture successful.

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Marketing Consulting

We provide companies with expert analysis and advice to develop marketing strategies to improve campaigns and reach new customers.

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